About us

  • Welcome to the F-4 Phantom Community, this platform has been created to fill that space where the Phanatics did not have their own place to write articles, upload photos and be able to enjoy a space only and exclusively dedicated to the Phabulous F-4 Phantom, a Plane that took off in 1958 and today, countries like Turkey and Greece continue to use it, last year Japan withdrew its last squadrons. A fighter bomber admired by some and feared by others needed to have its own space, many people are Phanatic of this wonderful plane and from Hispaviacion we have wanted to create that space, to promote the history of a legendary plane. Here, you can find articles, photographs of pilots, WSO’s, mechanics, stories from Vietnam, the cold war, desert shield to the last flights of the F-4, we hope this new page will please you all and remember, this is for all the Phanatics of the world.  

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