By: Sierra Hotel Aeronautics

Triple Ace, Robin Olds flew his final combat mission over North Vietnam on September 23rd, 1967.

Photo: USAF

His 259 total combat missions included 107 in World War II, officially credited with 12 German aircraft shot down and 11.5 destroyed on the ground. Olds went on to fly 152 combat missions over Southeast Asia, and a total of 4 confirmed MiG kills over North Vietnam.

On May 20, what became known as the “vengeful chase” Olds chased two MiG-17s down and destroyed them both after his wingman was shot down in the midst of a large fur ball.¬†

“Anybody who doesn’t have fear is an idiot. It’s just that you must make the fear work for you. Hell, when somebody shot at me, it made me madder than hell, and all I wanted to do was shoot back.” – Robin Olds

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